Invest $89 In A Tune-up For Your Furnace
And I Will Give You Our
No Breakdown Guarantee In Writing.


Dear Customer,
Since replacing your furnace could cost you thousands of dollars, doesn’t it just make sense to consider a Tune-Up?

Especially if I take all the risk, and there is no risk for you.

Let me explain.

Furnaces and boilers don’t always fail when it’s convenient for you. Too often we find a simple tune-up could have prevented failure and saved you hundreds of repair dollars – plus avoid tremendous inconvenience and discomfort.

Anyway, during the cold winter months, my phones are swamped with calls from people who have broken furnaces and boilers. Now, it’s our policy (I hate that word) to take care of our service agreement customers first, our regular customers second, and our new customers third. But, the vast majority of these calls will be from regular customers who want their furnace checked. And when that happens we both lose. Here’s why.
First you lose (as much as I dislike admitting it) because my experts are forced to do a simple “check-up” instead of the superior “Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning” just to try and keep up with the calls. Second, I lose because I have to turn down many potential new customers that could help my business grow.


A Better Way

I wondered if there was a better way.
Here’s my idea.

I decided to make a daring offer again in 2019 (that I hope is irresistible) to just 100 people so I can test the results. I am extending a valuable offer to you where you win at least three ways. In return, I ask you to do one important thing for me.

1. I will give your furnace a complete “Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning” that will take nearly one and a half hours to complete. Instead of the simple “check up”, it is separated into 21 individual operations performed by a seasoned professional (actually a diagnostic expert) whose craftsmanship is among the best in the industry.
It’s like having your furnace rejuvenated to Factory Fresh condition.

2. This same service after the “Chill” (assuming I had to time to do it) would cost over $169.00. But as part of this Market Test I’m reducing it to only $89.00 giving you a substantial discount. And if you have any additional systems, I’ll do them for the same $89 each.

3. Now here is the best part. To back up what I say about this service, I will also include our No Breakdown Guarantee on your furnace until the end of winter 2020 absolutely FREE, if your furnace breaks down I will deduct the $89 from the repair bill, if you act now.

Now here’s what I’m asking you to do for me, call me at 1-877-789-6716 as soon as possible so that I can schedule your Tune-Up before the end of September.

The more Tune-Ups I’m able to do before the end of September, the more lucrative breakdown calls I will be able to take care this winter. And the better offer I’m able to make to you.

Anyway, if you are excited and intrigued by the money saving approach my Precision Tune-Up Market test opens up to you, be one of the first 100 people to call and have an appointment made right away.

A Zero Risk

I’m so convinced you’re going to be thrilled with this amazing service that I will give you the risk less proposition I’m offering you. The only risk you have is that your call will be received too late. Because once I get the 100 participants, no one else can get the FREE Bonus No Breakdown Guarantee on your furnace.

If you’re interested in my Marketing experiment and receiving a Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning, Safety Inspection and No Breakdown Guarantee on your Furnace for just $89.00, then call 1-877-789-6716 now. We will set your appointment time.


For your Comfort and Health This New Year,

Dwayne Willard
P.S. Don’t forget, your 100% FREE No Breakdown Guarantee is until the end of winter 2020.