Electrical Panel Replacement & Upgrades Evanston, WY

electric panel replacement evanston wy

Do you keep blowing fuses or circuit breakers? Don’t hesitate to call us at Champion Services because there could be something significant going on with your electrical panel. No matter what the issue is, our expert Evanston electricians get things working the way you need them again.

Call us now for an electrical panel replacement or electric panel upgrade in Evanston or the surrounding area!

What Is An Electric Panel & What Does It Do?

Electrical panels contain the circuit breakers and fuses that power your property. Typically they are located outside but may be in a basement or garage. These are a majorly important part of your home, so you need to pay attention to their condition and age.

If any of the following are happening with yours, you should look at having your electric panel replaced in Evanston:

  • Burn marks, especially on appliances, near switches and/or outlets, or by the panel itself
  • Buzzing or crackling sounds, either near the panel or when you use electricity inside your home
  • Burning smells, like burning plastic, in or around your electrical panel
  • If the electrical panel is more than 25 years old

Why Do I Need to Upgrade My Electric Panel?

We can fix all of your electrical problems with one solution usually: a new electrical panel in Evanston. Replacing an old one or one that constantly malfunctions can typically be the answer to all your problems. We can do an energy audit and speak with you about if you’ve noticed any problems. Our team will make sure your property is equipped with an electrical panel in Evanston that is suited to the amount of power you use.

Evanston’s Electrical Upgrade Source

You should consider getting an electric panel upgrade in Evanston for safety and convenience’s sake. Older panels tend to only offer limited amperage and limited circuits. At Champion Services, we will figure out what kind of panel you need to have all the energy you need. Our Evanston electricians will take the stress of the situation away from you, so you’ll know your home is in good hands and that your power supply will be reliable. Call us now to get started!

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