3 Tips To Save Energy This Summer

Summer is barreling toward us and things are heating up real quick. For folks in the Evanston area, summer means some serious weather changes. It’s important to make sure that you’re taking steps to get your home ready for the summer heat. Taking some small steps to maintain the quality of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, otherwise known as HVAC, can go a long way in saving you money and keep your home comfortable and safe.

In this blog post we will look at three essential steps to maintaining the quality of your HVAC unit this summer. Learn more about our air conditioning services here. Champion Services is here to assist you with all of your HVAC questions and needs. We serve the Evanston, Rock Springs, Green River, and Evanston areas. Reach out to us and we can make weathering the changing weather as easy as pie.

1. Pay Attention To Your Filters

The very first thing you should pay attention to on your HVAC unit is the state of the filter. This is an important part of air conditioning maintenance that you can do yourself! Typically, you will run into either a disposable or a permanent filter in your HVAC unit. If you have a disposable filter, it is best practice to replace it once a month. It can be dangerous to go too long without replacing a disposable filter. Similarly, permanent filters need to be cleaned and maintained at about the same rate. In any case, you should be taking care of your filter once a month.

Keep in mind that these are loose guidelines. Your filter might need to be changed or cleaned more frequently depending on your circumstances. If you have pets, for instance, or if you have smokers in your home, then you might cleaning and replacements might be required more than once a month. It’s best to take notice of the state of your filters and act accordingly. Once those filters are cleaned or replaced, you won’t have dust, pet hair, and other debris block the flow of clean air throughout your home. It can make a huge difference to have quality indoor air.

2. Keep The HVAC Area Clean

Many HVAC units are on the outside of our homes. Take some time each month to go and examine your HVAC unit. For folks here in Evanston, this is especially important during seasonal changes, where leaves and debris can accumulate. Go to your HVAC unit and clean out any leaves, grass, branches, and such that may have built up during the winter and spring.

It is also a good idea to make sure that you don’t have any plants or shrubbery growing too close to your HVAC unit. Regardless of the situation, your HVAC unit will function most effectively when it has at least two feet of clear space around it. Maintaining the state of your HVAC year round is the best strategy, as waiting until the beginning of summer can make it all the more difficult to clear out all the debris and ensure the area is thoroughly clear.

3. Maximize Air Flow

A quick route to saving money this summer is to maximize the air flow in your home. Cleaning filters and keeping the HVAC area clear are both steps toward this. Another good strategy is to utilize fans. Strategically positioning fans throughout your home can greatly increase air flow. This will make you more comfortable as well as make things a bit easier on your wallet.

One thing to keep in mind is that heat rises. This means that ceiling fans that run clockwise during the summer can be especially effective. This will keep the hot air flowing downward, thus lightening the load that needs to be carried by your air conditioner.

Other Strategies for Staying Cool

The above included three vital steps to take to maximize the effectiveness of your HVAC this summer. Some other things to keep in mind includes the following:

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As the summer rolls around in Evanston, make sure that your home is prepared for the increased heat and dryness. It’s always a good idea to prepare your home for seasonal changes, especially in areas where these changes can be extreme. Champion Services is here to help with our expert HVAC services. Contact us in Evanston, Green River, or Rock Springs for any and all of your HVAC questions.

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