Heat Pumps in Evanston, WY

heat pump evanston wy

If you rely on a heat pump, then you may know how difficult it can be to find competent help for these heaters. That’s why, at Champion Services, we make sure to have heating experts on staff that have experience working with heat pumps. 

We’ll ensure that you can get the heat pump repair, heat pump replacement, and heat pump installation that you need no matter what happens. Call us today and we’ll send someone to you soon to get your heat pump working again!

Heat Pump Repair

No matter what heat pump repair you need, we’ll finish it for you as soon as possible. We live in this area, too, so we understand why you need your heat when it’s cold. Even if we have to order parts, we’ll get them ASAP and communicate with you throughout the process so you’ll know when you can plan on seeing your heat pump repair specialist again. 

We’ll test any heat pump repairs before we leave so you can know for sure that your heat will work well once we’re gone.

Heat Pump Replacement & Installation

If a heat pump replacement is the best option for you, we’ll talk you through the process. Then, we’ll work with you to get the very best new heat pump for you and your home. We’ll ensure that it fits in your house and that it’s the proper size to heat effectively. We’ll also ensure that you understand all of your options and choose the one that best matches your needs.

We won’t recommend a heat pump replacement that we wouldn’t be happy to install in our own homes. All of our heat pumps come from trustworthy manufacturers who we’ve worked with for years. Once you’ve picked out your new heat pump, we’ll order it for you, too. 

Whether you are doing a new heat pump installation or replacing an old one, we’ll get the work completed as soon as we can. We perform each installation according to the manufacturer’s instructions so you can feel confident that your new unit will keep you warm all winter. We also test as we go, to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

Heat Pump Maintenance

When fall comes around, it’s time to get your heat pump ready for winter. Our heat pump service ensures that your pump is in great shape to keep you warm no matter how cold it gets. We’ll visually inspect the whole system and test each part to make sure it’s functioning as it was designed to. If our pre-winter heat pump service finds any problems with your unit, we’ll work with you to get them repaired ASAP.

Evanston Heat Pump Pros

Whether you need a heat pump repair, a replacement, an installation, or it’s time to get your heat pump ready for winter, the experienced heat pump specialists at Champion Services can help. Call today to make an appointment with someone who knows heat pumps inside and out!

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