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At Champion Services, we are proud to announce our partnership with NOVO Water Conditioning Products. NOVO is one of North America’s top water conditioning brands, with products sold throughout Canada and the USA.

If you’re concerned about your water, you want to make it taste better, or you want to remove minerals that make it hard, contact our expert Evanston plumbers about these products today!

What is Water Treatment?

Water treatment options consist of removing substances from your water that you don’t want there. While most water in urban and suburban areas is safe to drink, it may not taste the way you want it to or it may contain minerals that can damage your laundry, dishes, and more.

Water treatment options remove the substances that you are most concerned about so you can feel like your water is fresh and clean again.

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Water Treatment Options from NOVO

NOVO offers a variety of water treatment options, so there’s something for you, no matter what you need!

Water Softeners

NOVO’s water softeners are high-efficiency, so they are perfect for homeowners who want to save money every year. They utilize Up Flow technology to remove minerals while utilizing 75% less salt and 64% less water than other brands. Do something nice for the earth and something good for yourself when you install one today!

Water Filters

No matter what type of water filter you need, NOVO has one for you. They offer comprehensive high-efficiency water filters, iron-only filters, carbon filters, sediment and odor filters, and more. We’ll match you with the best NOVO filter for your specific home and needs.

Specialty Filtration Systems

If your water has multiple issues, install one system that will take care of them all. These NOVO speciality systems address water hardness, odor, and discoloration, all at the same time.

You’ll save money upfront when you install one system instead of two, and you’ll save money every year because NOVO’s Up Flow regeneration and precision brining make each filter more efficient.

Drinking Water Systems

Get the best possible drinking water for you and your family when you install a NOVO drinking water system today. From efficient reverse osmosis systems with replaceable filters, you’ll get the best drinking water you’ve ever tasted. You can get additional filters, too, so you’ll never have to worry about drinking water quality again!

Ultraviolet Filtration Systems

Get rid of microorganisms in your water without chemicals! NOVO’s UV filtration systems treat your water to disinfect it. Stop worrying about e.coli, giardia, and more! These may be especially useful if you get water from a well or if you know your water source is unreliable.

Point-of-Use Filtration

Point-of-use filtration is easy to use and treats water at an individual location, rather than throughout your home. If you want additional filtration where you wash your dishes, for instance, or you only drink water from a single source in your home, installing these filters could save time and money and still get you the clean water you need.

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