Do I Need Air Conditioner Maintenance?

technician performing air conditioning maintenance in rock springs wy

Have you called us at Champion Services to get your air conditioner maintenance in Evanston, or the surrounding area? If you haven’t, contact us today!

If you’re not sure what AC maintenance is or why you might choose to get it done, here’s what you need to know. Our team will help you keep your air conditioner running well this summer so you won’t have to deal with emergency repairs. Read on or reach out to our air conditioning pros today!

When to Get Your AC Service

Air conditioning maintenance is key for both older units and units that are still under warranty. Our team will run a few different tests, then let you know if there’s anything that needs to be repaired or replaced to make your air conditioner run well this summer.

If you’re not sure whether it’s time to call for AC service, here’s when we suggest you get this done:

  • When your air conditioner goes on and off too much
  • When your air conditioner isn’t able to keep your home cool, no matter what you do
  • When your AC unit is more than 10 years old
  • When your air conditioner hasn’t been serviced for a year or more
  • When you don’t know the last time your AC got serviced
  • When your air conditioner makes unusual sounds
  • When your AC doesn’t keep you as cool as it used to

Our team will get to you fast and complete your AC maintenance as soon as we can, because we want you to have efficient, reliable air conditioning all summer.

What AC Maintenance Includes

When you call us for air conditioner maintenance, we’ll make sure we complete the following tasks, every time:

  • Remove dust and debris from your AC coils. This helps them cool more efficiently and gets you the cool air you need.
  • Change your AC filter if it needs to be done
  • Visually inspect your ductwork and any other parts of your HVAC system that we can see
  • Test each component of your air conditioner to make sure it’s all working the way the manufacturer designed it to work

If we find that you need an AC repair to keep your unit running well, we’ll let you know and find a convenient time to come back and fix it for you. We can replace your air conditioner, too, if there’s no way we can get it to work well for you this summer.

Professional AC Maintenance in Evanston & Beyond

Call us at Champion Services now, or whenever you’re ready to schedule your air conditioning maintenance in Evanston or the surrounding area. We’ll work with you to make sure you have functional air conditioning so you can stay cool all summer long!

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